It Looks Like BTS’s Jimin Has Discovered A New Talent And Fans Aren’t Surprised

Will we see Jimin’s voice acting debut?

On episode 109 of Run BTS!, BTS took on a new challenge and tried dubbing animated scenes from well-known movies such as The Lion King, Toy Story, and Zootopia.

| Judy Hopps in Zootopia

Even though this was their first time trying this out they all seemed to do a pretty good job despite only practicing briefly before recording. Fans were especially excited to see Jimin dubbing the scenes because he is known to have an animated voice that can be heard often times in live sessions and other BTS episodes.

Below is a compilation clip of Jimin’s role of Shenzi and it’s really impressive!

Here is a full cut of Jimin dubbing Judy‘s role from The Lion King.

Jimin’s voice for Toy Story‘s Rex was a total success as it sounded so similar to the actual character.

Fans loved the fact that he used his whole body to express the character’s emotions!

Although this clip has nothing to do with Jimin’s dubbing, we still just added it in because I mean look at just how cute he is!

Fans were not surprised at how good Jimin was at dubbing and knew already that he would be great at it. Here’s also ten reasons why Jimin would be excellent as a voice actor!

His voice acting didn’t only impress fans but even Zootopia‘s co-director Jared Bush!