LOONA Choerry’s Reaction To Being Called A Goddess Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See All Week

So cute 🥰

Let’s be honest, LOONA are truly beautiful inside and out. With their beauty always on display it’s no surprise that someone couldn’t resist commenting on Choerry‘s goddess visuals during one photoshoot…or at least, it was no surprise for everyone but Choerry!

Taking fans behind-the-scenes of their MD photoshoot in episode 615 of LOONA TV, LOONA shared some adorable moments from their shoot. Starting her individual shoot, Choerry showcased her heart-stopping charms in an elegant gold cape and white dress.

Working hard and bringing some serious goddess energy into the studio, it didn’t take long for someone off-camera to call attention to the fact! And as soon as it was said, Choerry burst into shy laughter!

The level of adorable continued to skyrocket as Choerry laughed and clapped, before spinning around to hide her shyness!

Although Choerry may have been caught off guard by the sudden goddess confession, Orbit are loving everything about the moment especially Choerry’s adorable reaction to the whole thing!

Whoever called her a goddess wasn’t wrong though, Choerry definitely is a goddess! Catch the adorable moment as well as more super cute behind-the-scenes photoshoot content below: