LOONA’s Chuu Is Working On Creating The Next Viral Hand Heart

It’s only a matter of time before she reveals her new hit heart:

LOONA‘s Chuu has already created the hugely popular apple heart and it looks like it’s only a matter of time before she reveals her next hit hand heart creation!

During an episode of #PracticeRoomChallenge with Osen, LOONA dished on all the hidden talents, hobbies, and more for each member. When it came time to talk about Chuu, LOONA kicked things off by revealing her nickname reflects her heart creating mastery!

Nickname? Heart master!

— Hyunjin and Choerry

Besides creating one of the most loved hand hearts, it turns out there’s even more reason for Chuu to be the “heart master.” As the question moved on to the topic of hobbies, Heejin revealed that Chuu loves making new hearts so much that it might as well be her hobby!

Hobbies… making hearts!

— Heejin

In fact, Chuu has so much fun making new hearts that she even makes them while singing!

In the vocal room, she’s always like…

— Yves

But her skill at making new hearts is just in her nature as LOONA unanimously decided that Chuu’s special talent was acting extra cute and being the ultimate master of making hearts!

She’s a master of making hearts and acting cute!


Although Chuu may not have shown off some of her new heart creations yet, with her creativity and passion for making new hearts it’s only a matter of time before she steals everyone’s love once again with a brand new creation!

Learn more about Chuu’s hobbies, nicknames, and more below: