A Third-Generation Idol Shocks Netizens With Her Insane Body Proportions, Despite Being Only 148 CM

“Whoa… I thought she was around 160 to 163 cm tall…”

Sometimes referred to as generation 3.5 of K-Pop, this member of LOONA is quickly gaining attention from netizens. Yeojin boasts model-like body proportions — despite her extremely short height!

Standing at only 148 cm (4’10”), she is very tiny. However, it’s hard to tell in photos where she’s on her own.

By herself, netizens believe she could pass for being in the mid to low 150 cm range. Some even believed she was as tall as 160 cm (about 5’3″)!

This is due to her long legs and shorter upper body that give the illusion of being taller than she actually is.

In photos next to others, it may be shocking to see how tiny she really is!

Especially with her members, her adorable height makes her even cuter.


Just look at the difference between Yeojin standing alone…

…compared to the full version showing her true height!

Her flawless body proportions really make all the difference!

Source: theqoo