The Male K-Pop Idol Who Had The Wittiest Response To A Fan’s Comment About Dieting

He knew just what to say.

Netizens are complimenting the quick wit of The Boyz member Eric. An old livestream of his dating August 2021 resurfaced, and they found it just as heartwarming now as they did back then!

Here, Eric was seen eating a single waffle with cream. He joked around with fans on the livestream that they were probably envious of his snack.

You want to eat this right? You’re jealous right?

— Eric

He continued to tease them, saying that the food he was eating was delicious.

This is so good. Should I give you a bite?

— Eric

He paused when a fan left the comment: “Oppa I’m on diet.”

Instead of being awkwardly silent or teasing her even further, he threw down the waffle and joined her in solidarity.

Me too, sorry.

— Eric

Netizens praised his quick thinking and sensitive nature, saying, “Eric treats his fans well,” “The fact that he suddenly just threw it away was cool” “His reaction time was fast,” and, “This was so cute.”

Two years down the road, Eric recreated this viral video! The camera angle, his voice, expressions, and of course, words, were all similar. The only difference was that he was eating chicken instead of waffles, yet his impact was the same!

Oppa, I’m on diet.

— Eric

The Boyz is an 11-member boy group under IST Entertainment.

Source: theqoo