MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Reveals How Many Marriage Proposals She’s Received — And It’s A Lot

Wait, how many?

It’s no secret that MAMAMOO’s Hwasa loves her fans with every ounce of her heart and will go above and beyond to prove that to them.

In the past, she’s even accepted marriage proposals from fans during meet-and-greets!


She recently revealed that during her latest online fansigns, similar events have taken place. This time, however, it’s been taken to the extreme.

It seems proposing to Hwasa is not an uncommon goal for MooMoos — since it happened “millions” of times during her fansigns!

I had received about 10 million marriage proposals, so now I have 10 million brides.

— Hwasa

She continued to express her unwavering gratitude towards her fans and is always so appreciative of their support.

Now the question remains: Does she need 10 million wedding dresses for all of these weddings?

While fans wait for their weddings with Hwasa, you can watch her cover of Harry Styles’ “Watermelon Sugar,” a gift to fans released on her birthday, below!