MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Confesses Her Mom Wanted Her to Become a Monk

If Hwasa hadn’t become a singer…

MAMAMOO recently performed at their showcase for their new album “reality in BLACK” where Hwasa and Moonbyul shared what they might have done if they hadn’t become singers.

Hwasa answered first by revealing what her mother wanted her to become and where she thinks she would have ended up if she hadn’t become a singer.

If I hadn’t become a singer… My mom wanted me to become a buddhist monk. But personally I’m not sure. I feel like I’d be somewhere living a carefree life.

– Hwasa

On the other hand, Moonbyul gave a more specific answer to what she would have pursued as an alternative.

I’ve imagined that many times. It’s really hard to say, but I think I’d be preparing to become a police officer. But I think I like this world I’m living in better.

– Moonbyul

No matter what the two would have pursued, they would have absolutely killed it!

Source: Dispatch