MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Wows Fans With Her Expensive Taste — Including $6800 USD Thom Browne Stage Outfit

She’s an expensive queen.

Mnet TMI NEWS chose MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul as an idol who wears some of the most luxurious clothes on stage, and the prices of her outfits will leave you shook.

From suits to shoes, Moonbyul is constantly rocking her favorite brand both on and off stage, Thom Browne.

Her obsession with Thom Browne doesn’t end there. She even owns the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Thom Browne Edition that goes for the price of $2480 USD.

In MAMAMOO’s “Gogobebe” music video, she can be seen in a dazzling suit and tie combo that will cost you about $3100 USD to recreate the look.

For her “Eclipse” stage, she sported Thom Browne from head to toe.

Her socks alone are 200,000 KRW (≈$165 USD). Her sneakers are 1,440,000 KRW (≈$1,194 USD) and her pants are 1090000 KRW (≈$903 USD).

For the completed look with the shirts and jacket, you’ll need almost $7000 USD to cop everything for yourself!

In MAMAOO terms, that’s the cost of about 5,400 radishes!

Moonbyul is such a lover of Thom Browne that it wouldn’t surprise fans to see a sponsorship one day.

Watch the video for yourself below!