How Did MAMAMOO React Upon Seeing Other Groups’ Lightsticks During Their Concert?

MAMAMOO pointed out their NEOBONG!

Bringing another group’s lightstick is a controversial topic in the K-Pop community, especially since they are custom-made and representative of the respective fandoms. Many groups are known for their colorful oceans, created by the lightsticks. For example, BTS are known for their purple ocean, BLACKPINK for their pink, and GOT7 and NCT for their green.

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But since lightsticks are expensive and many people are fans of multiple groups, they might not be able to afford a lightstick for every group they stan. Still wanting to be part of the K-Pop concert experience, they might bring someone else’s. Besides, it helps to guarantee no “black ocean,” which is usually an organized protest of a performing artist when the audience turns off their light sticks.

But how do the artists really feel about concert-goers bringing others’ lightsticks to their show? Recently, MAMAMOO reacted to seeing different lightsticks.


MAMAMOO recently wrapped up their 2023 “MY CON” World Tour. American MOOMOOs (their fandom) were excited to finally see them in person, as it was the group’s first-ever U.S. tour.

So, many brought their MOOBONGs, which are inspired by radish, as “MOO” means radish in Korean. But a few concert-goers attended with other group’s lightsticks too.


When MAMAMOO spotted NCT‘s lightstick, NEOBONG, and TWICE‘s lightstick, CANDYBONG, in the audience, the members couldn’t help but tease them! Solar playfully called them out, but both Moonbyul and Hwasa especially expressed their appreciation to the concert-goers for matching their lightstick color, green.

The NEOBONG owner tweeted, revealing they were terrified when MAMAMOO pointed them out. But they said the members were all “so sweet,” and Hwasa even blew a kiss to them!

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