MAMAMOO’s Solar Buys 200 Lotto Scratch Tickets to Reveal Hilarious Results

“Buying more increases my chances of winning, right?”

MAMAMOO‘s Solar recently uploaded a new video showing her scratching 200 lotto tickets all at once.

Solar confessed that she had never bought a lottery ticket before.

It’s turns out there are three different types. Lottery, scratch tickets, and pension lottery.

– Solar

She then explained that there’s something particularly fun about scratch tickets and said she bought 200 of them.

Solar then proceeded to scratch her tickets one after one.

And she won 1000 won (~$0.90 cents) multiple times…

As well as 2000 won (~$1.75 USD) and 5000 won (~$4.30 USD).

This is exhausting.

– Solar

But she then won her biggest prize if 100,000 won(~$85 USD)!

In the end, she won 214,000 won (~$185 USD) when she spent a total of 300,000 won (~260 USD) on the tickets.

After losing 86,000 won (~$75 USD), Solar advised her fans to only enjoy the lottery for small casual fun.

Check out the full video below:

Source: Dispatch