MAMAMOO’s Solar Reveals How To Get Her Slim And Toned Body With This Daily Routine

For just 10 minutes a day, anyone can do this!

MAMAMOO’s Solar revealed a stretching routine she does to help her achieve a slim, toned look for her body and improve physical health.

Solar starts with neck stretching. Relaxing your back and shoulders, gently press your head down horizontally, then at a 45-degree angle, and finally straight down. Remember to keep some distance between your shoulder and ears.

After rotating your neck slowly to loosen up, she progresses to waist stretching. Alternate stretching each side, doing up to 10.

It can also strengthen your abs and reduce fat around your waist.

— Solar

Next, you’re going to grab an edge of something above you as Solar does. Lifting your head, slowly lean forward to stretch your underarms.

Solar also suggests massaging your underarm and hitting it with a light fist for better circulation.

We say the underarm is like our body’s trashcan because toxins collect here, so massaging our underarm is very beneficial.

— Solar

Next, you can use a massage ball (any small ball like a tennis ball or baseball will do) to relieve foot fatigue. Since the feet are often fatigued and have acupuncture points for the organs, it’s important to not neglect them.

Additionally, you can use the massage ball to relax your glute muscle by placing it under your glute and rocking side to side as shown. Solar says it should be a little painful at first.

Next, cross your legs like Solar and breathe deep as you pull your leg towards you to stretch your hip joint.

If you tend to have a slight incorrect walking posture, this exercise is good for you.

— Solar

Lastly, stretch your calves like so and breathe deeply for 30 seconds on each side. Optionally, you can place your leg on a foam roller for a greater stretch like Solar.

You can follow along with her entire routine below!