MAMAMOO’s Solar Reveals Her Holy Grail Tips To Choose Clothes Well — And Everyone Should Know Them

This is how you make a $5 shirt look like it was $50.

MAMAMOO’s Solar was able to receive some useful tips for choosing good quality clothes and shared her knowledge with fans.

She introduced viewers to her sister, Yonghee, who is a clothing technical designer and knows the subtle differences that can increase — or decrease — a piece of clothing’s quality.

Firstly, she shows a smocked top. The diagonal rows indicate it was made poorly and should instead be vertical like the rest of the top.

She also shows a peach-colored top with yellow stitching. The top would look much more uniform if they chose the same colored thread to blend into the shirt.

Next, the stitching on the collar of a shirt can often indicate the quality of a shirt. Notice how on this higher quality piece, the seams are connected in a way that is flush with no extra fabric hanging out.

On the cheaper shirt, the excess fabric is there and prevents the collar from laying flat.

Yonghee’s tip? Cut the excess fabric, but do so at an angle.

Similarly, check the fabric of the collar of the shirt you’re going to buy. It should be a different type of fabric to allow it to stretch. However, in this cheaper top, the same stiff fabric was used.

By keeping these small tips in mind while shopping, you can easily pick higher-quality pieces that look better and ultimately last longer!

Check out all of their tips below.