MAMAMOO’s Solar Revealed She Has The World’s Rarest MBTI Personality Type

She is definitely unique!

MAMAMOO‘s Solar recently revealed her super rare MBTI personality type through her YouTube channel and it’s scary accurate.

She is an INFJ-T, known as the Advocate.

Making up less than 1% of the population, they are the rarest personality type. No wonder Solar is so unique!

INFJ’s are firm about taking steps towards their goals and are not satisfied until they have succeeded. This has been evident in Solar’s personality since predebut as she fought relentlessly to become an idol.

Being driven to pursue her goals also makes her the perfect fit as the leader of MAMAMOO since she is determined to fulfill all her obligations and lead her team well.

I never push things aside. I never put off today’s work until tomorrow.

— Solar

Even with her YouTube channel, she is very organized and efficient when it comes to planning.

I always make plans. Even with Solarsido, I make plans about 2 months in advance. If I don’t, just going with the flow makes me kind of uneasy.

— Solar

However, a downfall of this could be the tendency to be a perfectionist. Solar completes everything she does to the best of her ability, so it’s important she’s not too hard on herself so she doesn’t get burnt out.

Another aspect of being an INFJ is a strong sense of morality. Solar shows this side of her in the positive and humorous way she responds to hate comments.

I always want a proper world. When it comes to things I don’t like … Even if others swear at me, I always say what’s right.

— Solar

Solar seems to fit these qualities really well. Being the rarest personality type, she is truly her own person— But this is something MooMoos already knew!

Watch her take the full quiz and read through her results in the video below.

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