MAMAMOO’s Solar Gives An Exclusive Room Tour Of Her New Home And It’s Aesthetic Goals

Raise your hand if you want to live here! 🙋‍♀️

MAMAMOO‘s Solar moved into a brand new home and didn’t hesitate to give fans an exclusive tour of her home!

If you love interior design with a focus on clean, white aesthetics, you’ll love Solar’s home.

Sharing the place with her older sister, she can’t quite show her room!

The first stop is the stunning bathroom. With it’s white tiles and black grout, it has a unique charm! Solar added funky details like a mat that says “Get Naked” to bring some personality to the room.

Next, she gave fans a quick glance of her “messy” bedroom! However, for many people, the cozy and cute room is a total dream. From the comfy white bed to the wooden accessories and instruments, it has it’s own cool style.

Full of her YouTube filming equipment, it can get a little crowded!

Moving onto the living room, she showed the cute sofa and unique, modern pillows.

Even the rug had it’s own charm, despite being covered in dog hair!

Her dog Yongkeey had her own section of the living room to enjoy, too.

The pure white kitchen was adorned with a bouquet of flowers and an island in the center, which is perfect for cooking!

Lastly, the master bedroom was actually used for both girls’ dressing room. Filled to the brim with clothes, their unique idea is best for people who take fashion seriously!

Check out the full tour below!