MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Has Been Called A “Nine-Tailed Fox” Before Because Of What She Loves Doing At Han River Park

Because of this habit, some people called her a “nine-tailed fox”.

You can call MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa as “Fatal Hwasa” because of her sexy image.

You can also call her “Korea’s It Girl” because of the number of her commercials and advertisements all over the country.

But can you also call her a “nine-tailed fox”?

It turns out that you can! In an episode of Home Alone, everyone was shocked to see Hwasa wearing white clothes and doing something at 4 in the morning.

Closer inspection reveals that Hwasa was actually eating ramyeon.

Because of her long hair and habit of eating ramyeon while wearing white clothes, a host commented that she resembled a “nine-tailed fox”.

Her sitting position also looked like a nine-tailed fox since Hwasa didn’t want to sit on the beach — she simply crouched while enjoying her meal.

People who were passing by didn’t seem to find this strange, since they seemed to be carrying ramyeon cups, too!

And since Hwasa has a tendency to make things viral, a host commented that people would follow her example and start to eat ramyeon at four in the morning while squatting down at a bench in Han River park.

Hwasa then finishes her meal…

…and proceeds to go home to have her beauty sleep. After all, it’s okay to be called a nine-tailed fox as long as you’re eating well and living happily, right?

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