Meet All 20+ JYP Trainees Featured In This Year’s Showcase

JYP Entertainment recently held their annual trainee showcase on August 22 and people spotted some familiar faces.

Older and more well-known trainees participated in this showcase including members of JYP’s upcoming Chinese boy group Boy Story while TWICE performed as a special guest.

Check out the list of trainees who participated.

1. Han Yu

2. Zi Hao

3. Xin Long

4. Ze Yu

5. Ming Rui

6. Shu Yang

7. Lee Gye Hun

8. YuNa S.

9. Jia Yu

10. Eun Soo

11. Lily M

12. Si Eun

13. Chaeryoung

14. Sun Min

15. RyuJin

16. Jisung

17. Yejin

18. Yeji

19. Mashiro

20. Changbin

21. Woojin