Mir Reveals How He Makes a Living Now That He Has a Much Lower Income

Mir’s income has been reduced by 90%.

On a recent episode of KBS’s Sensible Adult Life, MBLAQ‘s Mir revealed that his income has been reduced by 90% and that his concern is saving up for marriage.

When asked whether he was going to get married, Mir denied it due to what a fortune-teller told him.

It’s not that I’m planning to get married. I got my fortune told not long ago, and apparently, I’m going ot get married at 32.

– Mir

He was then asked if he’s able to make a living now that his income has been drastically reduced, and he explained that he’s managing to do okay.

I’m maintaining my livelihood with the money I saved up in the past and the copyright fees I get.

– Mir

But he did share one thing that changed ever since his income was reduced, which is selling used items.

Before, if there was something I wasn’t using, I gave it to other people. But now, I sell it online.

– Mir

Mir added that he recently tried to sell his music studio, but that it’s not going so well.

I put my music studio up for sale recently. I spent 8 million won (~$6900 USD) to build it, but it won’t sell even for 1.5 million won (~$1300 USD).

– Mir


Check out the full reveal below:

Source: Dispatch
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