TWICE Momo’s Diet Was So Serious, She Was Worried About Dying Of Starvation While Sleeping

She was so afraid that she cried herself to sleep.

TWICE‘s Momo is pretty ideal as far as people go. She’s relatable AF, funny, has incredible visuals, and cares deeply about her fans.

Despite having a history as a dancer, even appearing in the music video for LEXY‘s song “Ma People” at just 11 years old, Momo revealed her extreme dieting experience from back when she was a trainee.

Momo in 2016 | Source: Dispatch

Back in 2018, Momo explained that in order to appear on a showcase, she was told to lose 7kg (about 15lbs). She had only about a week to accomplish the weight loss goal.

Source: Madao TV/YouTube

For her part, Jihyo admitted that she thought it was amazing Momo was able to accomplish the goal.

Source: Madao TV/YouTube

Momo emphasized that she was told to lose 7k (roughly 15lbs), no matter what, because that was the only way she would be allowed to participate in the showcase.

Source: Madao TV/YouTube

In order to accomplish her goal, she didn’t eat anything for a week except ice cubes and went to the gym daily.

Source: Madao TV/YouTube

In spite of how hard she was working to hit her goal, she thought even the ice cubes would make her gain weight, so she spat them out.

Source: Madao TV/YouTube

She was so hungry and tired that one night, as she was settling into bed, she was so afraid that she would die in her sleep that she began to cry.

Source: Madao TV/YouTube

The other members of TWICE were appalled when they heard Momo’s story, and Jeongyeon declared, “That’s too much.

Watch the heart-wrenching clip below: