Here Is How MONSTA X Included A Viral Shownu Meme In The “Rush Hour” Choreography

Shownu may be in the military, but his members still made him a part of the dance!

During a press conference held online for the release of their new album, the members of MONSTA X discussed many different aspects of their comeback, “Rush Hour,” which has already broken a K-Pop record for fastest music show win by a K-Pop group. One thing they talked about was where they got the inspiration for the “Rush Hour” choreography, which, as it turns out, came from a viral Shownu meme.

Shownu’s ‘skewer dance’ | Amazing Saturday/Youtube

Minhyuk, who is leading the group in Shownu’s absence while Shownu carries out his military service, claimed that the point choreography of the song is Shownu’s ‘skewer dance,’ which is a popular meme among MONBEBES that originated when Shownu did a ‘dance’ pretending to eat skewers.

Not only is this hilarious in relation to the ‘Eat this‘ lyrics that go with that particular part of the choreography, but it’s also heartwarming to see the creative way in which the members of MONSTA X were able to keep Shownu’s spirit in this new comeback.

“Rush Hour” | starshipTV/Youtube

Before he enlisted in July of 2021, Shownu filmed a video of Minhyuk shaving his head. Fans were emotional at the new tradition that they started of the younger members shaving the older members’ hair for enlistment. It is clear that the members of MONSTA X have a very good relationship with each other, and the fact that they are doing their best to keep Shownu involved in their projects is proof of that. Hopefully we’ll continue to see more of their great friendship in the future!