When MTV Tried To Find The “Ultimate BTS Stan” ARMYs Said No, There Is No Such Thing

“The ultimate stan is not a thing. We are one. We are ARMY.”

MTV International‘s YouTube channel recently shared a video titled “Can You Answer 43 Questions About BTS? | The Ultimate Stan”. In this video, three ARMYs went head to head against one another answering questions about BTS.


While ARMYs had a blast answering the series of 43 questions and testing their own knowledge of BTS nuts and bolts…


… they also flooded the comment section with support for all three contestants — along with their own definition of what it means to be an ARMY, and hence the reason an “ultimate” ARMY does not actually exist.


As many pointed out, “a true ARMY is [not] the one that can answer all the questions”…


… but anyone who is “Caring about BTS, loving their music, and supporting them no matter what.”


And rightfully, ARMYs are feeling proud of themselves for being wholesome AF:


Watch the full video here:


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