NCT’s Doyoung Heartwarmingly Apologizes To Renjun For Their Past Misunderstanding

They had to clear the air to become even closer.

Through NCT’s latest segment It’s Awkward, But It’s OK, NCT Dream’s Renjun and NCT 127’s Doyoung were able to ease a bit of the awkwardness between them and become more comfortable as friends.

To make the road smoother, they couldn’t move forward without addressing the past and clearing the air about a past misunderstanding.

When thinking back, Renjun opened up about his thoughts on Doyoung. Despite the lack of time spent together and their four-year age difference, that didn’t stop him from viewing him fondly, “I always respected you and liked you.”

Even though he’d thought of Doyoung so positively, there was a past moment where he admitted to being hurt because of his senior’s tough love when he was a trainee. “I did feel sad when you weren’t being so kind.”

After Renjun got everything he needed to off his chest, it was Doyoung’s turn. He expressed gratitude for the chance to become closer, “I like how we are given time to talk to each other. Actually, we never got a chance to hang out together. I believe this is a good opportunity for us to grow closer.”

He thanked Renjun for feeling comfortable enough to share what he’d felt and apologized. Although he’d hadn’t intended to be hurtful, he could see how it could be received that way, “I’m very thankful for this moment. I thank you for telling me how you felt. I’m sorry about seeming not too kind, but I never wanted to be like that.”

To prove his sincerity, Doyoung even promised to become better at conveying himself in a way that was gentler and more understanding. “If you felt that I wasn’t kind, I’ll try harder to be kinder.” Soon afterwards, Doyoung proved how much he cared for Renjun and kept his promise.

Sometimes, the words people say and the tone in which they say them can upset someone else without even knowing it. The important part is realizing that and accepting responsibility for accidentally hurting someone. See Renjun and Doyoung act as an example of how to open up about a misunderstanding and make it right.