NCTzens Spent Months Looking For A Hoodie NCT’s Doyoung Wore And It Turned Out To Be A $25 Buy

He’s been seen in public wearing it over 4 times.

NCT‘s Doyoung surprised fans on June 1, 2021 with an adorable post of him in a grey hoodie. The perfect oversized fit immediately had fans asking where they could get the same one.

| @do0_nct/Instagram

He was also spotted wearing the same outfit repeatedly over the course of the next few weeks. His consistent wearing of the hoodie raised the curiosity of the fans. Just how comfy and cute was this hoodie?

He was spotted at a Baskin & Robbins store grabbing ice cream in the same hoodie.

He wore it to musical rehearsals…

| @duddl_0201/Twitter

…and even dance practices.

| @duddl_0201/Twitter

Fans were trying to figure out just where the hoodie was from. Unfortunately, even after 3 whole months, no one knew. Fans made out the word “Washion” on the hoodie, but no such brand existed.

Finally, mid-September, a Twitter account called @nct_closet_ managed to find it.

The reason it had been so hard to find, was simply because the hoodie was brandless. It was simply from an online shopping mall that sold affordable, tagless clothing. Who knew! The item cost around $25 USD and comes in 4 colors.

What a humble king! We all know that NCT makes bank, but who knew they would wear affordable fashion too?

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