NCT DREAM’s Chenle Spills His Hilariously Honest Opinion On Which Members Are Actually Dating Material…And Which Ones Aren’t

“He would talk about the universe all day…”

In a recent live broadcast, NCT DREAM‘s Chenle gave his honest opinion on which of his members he thinks are dating material…and which ones aren’t.


Chenle has received praise from fans in the past for always keeping things real. NCTzens appreciate this not only because it helps to maintain a healthy boundary between Chenle and fans, but because it also makes for plenty of amusing comments from him. In a recent live broadcast on Weibo, he handed out some of those comments and made fans laugh with his hot takes on everything from fights among his members…

…to even daring to choose his idol (basketball player Stephen Curry) over his boss Lee Soo Man in a game of ‘would you rather’ with fans.

He also mentioned that he had seen an edit of himself as a girl…

…which made him realize that he would be very pretty if he was one. And in fact, Chenle believes that if he were a girl he would be very popular among guys!

So it was no surprise when, later on in the live broadcast, a fan asked him which of his members he would personally date if he were a girl. And while some of his answers were not so unexpected, there were definitely some plot twists.

Firstly, Chenle says he would never date Haechan, Mark, or Jisung, but that he’d be down to date either Jaemin, Jeno, or Renjun.

Some fans are surprised at his new stance on dating Mark, seeing as he said the exact opposite in the past. But according to Chenle, he would actually rather not date his best friend.

Chenle and Mark | KHCHENLE/Weibo

As for Haechan, there’s no particular reason he wouldn’t date him—but the reason he has for not wanting to date Jisung is unexpectedly hilarious!

His stance on Jaemin, Jeno, and Renjun, on the other hand, probably won’t surprise many. Especially since Jaemin has already proven he’s one hundred percent husband material.

| @na.jaemin0813/Instagram

The questions didn’t end there, however. When asked who he would rather kiss between Jeno and Haechan, Chenle gave his most honest answer.

Chenle always has fun responding to fans’ amusing questions…

…but it’s always going to be more fun for fans who get to hear his hilariously honest opinions.