NCT DREAM’s Chenle Reveals How He Felt When His Idol Stephen Curry Replied To Him, And It’s So Relatable

His reaction is so relatable!

We all know NCT‘s Chenle is one of the biggest fans of NBA player Stephen Curry, and he is quite the successful fanboy!

From left: NCT’s Mark, Chenle, and Johnny | @NCTsmtown/Twitter

In the latest episode of DIVE Studios K-Pop Daebak with Eric NamNCT DREAM‘s Mark, Chenle, Renjun, and Jisung were guests, and they talked about everything from their new album to Eric Nam‘s first impressions of members and more. Chenle also, of course, talked about his love for Steph Curry!

Last year, NCT made it a mission to get Chenle noticed by his idol and even coached him on internet lingo to comment on Steph’s posts.

It worked, too, because the Golden State Warriors player soon noticed not just NCT’s comment on his post but one of NCT’s posts. He even invited Chenle to a game!

Shortly after that, a friendship was formed between the two as Steph then followed Chenle on Weibo! As if their friendship couldn’t get any sweeter, Steph then sent a signed jersey to Chenle earlier this year, and they had another wholesome interaction online.

Steph also kept his promise about that game invite! In May, NCTzens spotted Chenle and Mark at the Golden State Warriors “Dub Hub” online video call.

Now, Chenle has updated fans on his relationship with the star NBA player in his conversation with Eric. He revealed his initial reaction to being recognized by his idol, saying that he was actually at the salon when he found out!

It’s probably the same feeling when a fan gets a reply from an idol they really love. Like OMG, I was at the salon. I was so surprised I showed all the members at the salon.

— Chenle

Eric affirmed him, saying that it was indeed something to brag about. Chenle replied, “It really is.” 

I’m a huge fan, and the fact that he saw me was so cool. And also to reply was very cool.

— Chenle

It was clear from his response that Chenle has still not recovered from the interactions. He’s certainly living the dream!

Eric then asked what we were all wondering, “Did you DM Steph again after that?”

After that, Mark and I got invited to watch the Golden State Warriors game online… We were on the screen like those TV shows. Mark and I were on there.

— Chenle

Mark then revealed that, afterward, the Golden State Warriors sent them uniforms in addition to giving them a shoutout online! Chenle added, “They sent us a letter too with our names, to Mark, to Chenle…” Mark said that the letter said that the team hopes to see them at “an actual game.” 

It was so clear even through the screen of their video call that Chenle couldn’t help but fanboy and get flustered just talking about his favorite team and player. Even Eric noticed!

We hope that Chenle will get to fulfill his dream and see the Warriors play in person soon!

Check out a clip from the episode below:

Source: DIVE Studios