NCT DREAM Jaemin’s Strong Stance On Whether Fans Should Date An Older Guy

He was ready to give romance advice.

Sometimes K-Pop idols are more than just performers. When fans needed help with their love lives, NCT DREAM‘s Renjun was there to help them through ghosting, cheating, and breakups.

Renjun | @yellow_3to3/Instagram

During an online fan signing, it was Jaemin‘s turn to help an NCTzen figure out whether or not they should date an older man.


With Jaemin right in front of them, a fan confessed they liked someone. There was one big problem, though. Jaemin listened as the NCTzen said, “Jaemin, noona (older sister) likes someone, but he’s thirty-eight years old.

Immediately after the fan finished the sentence, Jaemin shook his head and held up his hand to stop the fan from moving forward with that relationship.

Jaemin recognized that the age gap would most likely get in the way of the fan’s happiness. Fortunately, he didn’t have to be concerned.

Because of the time restraints, the fan couldn’t explain that it was a joke about liking Jaemin fifteen years into the future.

Source: Twitter