A Fan Downed Some Soju On A Video Call With NCT Dream’s Jaemin And His “Mom” Instincts Popped Out

He adorably nagged her to stop.

NCT Dream just finished their first round of video call fansigns for their “Hot Sauce” promotions. During the fansigns, many of them received the news that Hot Sauce had become a million-seller album in their first week of sales. The boys were extremely happy and their excitement conveyed through in their videocalls.

One particular fan decided to have a little drankey-drank of soju during her video call with Jaemin. As Jaemin is also a legal adult and no restrictions are in place, there is no issue with drinking on the call. In fact, many other fans have tried the same with their idols. Jaemin’s “nagging mom” persona came through as she gulped down a few shots.

Fans found it adorable how he alternated between telling her to stop and listening to her requests.

  • Jaemin: “Omo omo omo”
  • Fan: “Jaemin-ah, if I drink this in one gulp, can you-“
  • Jaemin: “Stop, stop (pouring)!”
  • Fan: “Can you send one selfie on Dear. U Bubble?”
  • Jaemin: “Okay, okay.”

However, the fan proceeded to take things a step further and offered to down the rest of the bottle in one go if he listened to her request.

  • Fan: “Jaemin-ah, if I down this (bottle) in one go, will you grant my wish?”
  • Jaemin: “If you down that in one go, you’ll have to go to the hospital. (Fan begins drinking by the bottle.) No, no, no, no, no, you can’t do that!”
  • Fan: “My wish is for you to finish this round of promotions well and without getting hurt. Promise?”

What a cute and funny interaction! We’d love to pop a bottle (on video call of course!) with our fav.



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