NCT’s Jeno Went from a Cute Boy to a Ripped Man in the Span of 3 Years

A lot can happen in 3 years…

Recently, a post referring to NCT‘s Jeno becoming more and more manly has surfaced in online communities along with photos of Jeno from back in 2016 when he was in high school and more recent photos of him at 20 years old.

In the photos from back when Jeno was in high school, he looked like the definition of youth, complemented by the cute baby fat in his face.


But once he turned 20 years old, he suddenly lost that baby fat and began to show a clear v-line and a more mature-looking face.

Jeno still has the high nose bridge and big eyes he’s always been known for having, but the same of his face changed to show off his features even more intensely.

Seeing from the photos, Jeno became a very tough-looking guy in just 3 years time.

In particular, fans have been noticing the very big muscles he’s been flaunting as a result of consistent exercise.

It’s still the same and talented Jeno, but it’s hard not to be surprised by the big transformation he made since the beginning of his debut and now.

Source: Dispatch