The NCT Member “Business Proposal” Actor Kim Min Gue Resembles So Much That They Could Play Siblings, According To Netizens

They even radiate similar puppy energy!

As part of the main cast in SBS‘s hit K-Drama Business Proposal, actor Kim Min Gue has accrued his fair share of attention for his undeniable charm and visuals. But he has also gained attention for his resemblance to one of the members of NCT: Jeno. And as one of the visuals of NCT DREAM, Jeno is also known for his striking good looks!

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While Business Proposal has already wrapped up its finale, netizens couldn’t help but point out an unmistakable similarity between the two celebrities during the show’s run. In fact, according to some comments Jeno could probably play Kim Min Gue’s character, Cha Sung Hoon, and the two of them could even be siblings!

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When looking at them side by side, it’s easy to see why. The two of them share a few similar traits, including their eyes and eyebrows.

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And it helps that the two of them radiate a similar kind of ‘puppy’ vibe that would make them even more convincing as siblings. Even Kim Min Gue’s co-star, Seol In Ah, claimed that he has serious puppy vibes, saying that he most reminds her of a Golden Retriever. And, of course, Jeno has always been known as NCT’s resident Samoyed…

…meaning the two of them together would be puppy vibes galore.

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Not to mention how much they resemble each other when they have the same outfit on…

…especially when they’re wearing glasses!

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In fact, when Jeno went on Instagram live for his birthday recently, NCTzens got to see him wearing glasses again after a long time—and they couldn’t unsee the resemblance to Kim Min Gue. A resemblance that is very much welcome, of course!

As the actor’s look-alike, Jeno could definitely step into the role of Cha Sung Hoong in Business Proposal, or at least a younger version of him, and there is proof.

Now all that’s left is to see the two of them in a K-Drama together! Jeno playing Kim Min Gue’s younger brother would definitely a worthwhile watch, if their looks and their vibes are any indication. What do you think?


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