NCT’s Shotaro Picks An Unexpected Member As The Dancer Who Left The Biggest Impression, But Here’s Why His Choice Makes Total Sense

He is right, and he should say it!

In a recent interview, NCT‘s Shotaro revealed some wholesome thoughts he has about his members, including who left the biggest impression on him as a dancer. His answer may surprise you!

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Shotaro is easily not only one of the best dancers in NCT, but one of the best dancers in the industry. In fact, he already had a career as a professional dancer before he was cast by SM Entertainment (and then debuted in NCT within one month of becoming a trainee).

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Given his talent, one would think that he would at least consider himself one of the leading candidates. But Shotaro had someone else in mind entirely! When asked who left the biggest impression on him as a dancer, Shotaro mentioned leader Taeyong, of course. But the member whose dancing Shotaro particularly admires is none other than Haechan.

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Haechan may not be in the dance line, but this is far from the first time someone has praised his incredible dancing skills. According to Shotaro, what makes Haechan such a good dancer is his elegant lines, his detailed movements, and his charismatic expressions.

Haechan himself has consistently proven that he is main dancer material, so it’s amazing to have his talent praised like that by one of NCT’s most prodigious dancers. Especially because fans have been appreciating Haechan’s performance talent from the beginning…

Haechan is not only a great dancer, but he also has a very unique style that makes him stand out easily, so it’s easy to see why Shotaro would pick him as the member whose performance makes the biggest impression.

In fact, Haechan’s charisma as a performer is also one of the reasons why a solo project by Haechan is one of the most highly anticipated on NCT LAB!

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And you can watch Shotaro’s full interview in Japanese on the link below.

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