NCT’s Taeyong Gives His Honest Thoughts On Jeno’s Shirtless Performance

Taeyong was shook as soon as he saw it.

On the second day of NCT Dream‘s The Dream Show, Jeno did a surprise reveal of his abs, along with Jaemin.


With something so unexpected taking place, of course, it got back to leader Taeyong.

Although he couldn’t make the concert and was fulfilling schedules as part of SuperM, Taeyong admitted to watching videos of the moment in a recent live broadcast.

Image credit: @hausoftaeyong

He had been just as surprised as everyone else by seeing a much more mature side of his dongsaeng.

I saw all the videos. And, wow. Our Jeno.

In fact, it caused him to view Jeno in a different light. Taeyong realized that he’s finally grown into a man.

When I saw that, I thought that Jeno has become a real man.

Taeyong has known the NCT Dream members for years, seeing them as children. Now, he’s seeing them grow into men. Listen to Taeyong’s thoughts about the moment 13 seconds in.


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