NCT 127’s Director For Their “Sticker” Comeback Teasers Picks The Member That Looks Best In Real Life

He gushed about this member.

The director for NCT 127‘s “Sticker” promotional teasers recently held a live stream to answer questions from fans. A fan asked him about the real life visuals of the members and asked him which member looked breathtaking in real life.

Jaehyun is really handsome. I even asked the makeup team about him, like how does it feel to do makeup on someone that handsome? Something like that.

— Director

This is not the first time his visuals were raved about! MONSTA X‘s Joohoney previously shared that if he could be reborn, he would pick to be reborn with Jaehyun’s face!

Jaehyun is known as the visual member of the group, but he is also a talented vocalist. Make sure to check out his cover of “I Like Me Better” below.