“I Need To Get Married”: ARMYs Are Rushing To Find A Partner ASAP, Thanks To BTS’s RM

Hint: it’s a business proposal.

The BTS members are used to getting marriage proposals from fans left, right, and center. That is how the iconic meme of “Yoongi marry me” was born in the first place. However, ARMYs scurrying to get married to anyone who is not BTS is a rare sight to see. But somehow, the group’s leader RM has managed to make it possible.


On June 17, KST, around 400,000 ARMYs gathered in Yeouido Park in Seoul, where the pompous main event for BTS’s 10th debut anniversary took place. The event consisted of a live-talk session where RM took the stage playing the role of a radio DJ and a following fireworks show accompanied by a pre-recorded narration from Jungkook.

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During RM’s time on stage, he did a segment where he read out some fan letters and reacted to their stories related to BTS. One of the letters was from an ARMY with the alias “Simba Noona,” who shared that she found comfort in BTS’s music after her former boyfriend ghosted her without any explanation. She wrote that initially, although she knew the group by its name, she was not a fan. But after her boyfriend abruptly broke up with her through text, she wanted to get away and spontaneously bought a ticket for BTS’s Wembley Concert in 2019.

BTS made history in 2019 as the first South Korean group to headline Wembley Stadium | BIGHIT MUSIC

Hello! I’m Simba Noona, who became an ARMY in 2019. Before I became an ARMY, I was a Muggle/ordinary person who didn’t even know the B of BTS. But one day, I kept seeing BTS in the news and wondered, ‘Why are these people on the news all the time?’ and so I looked up BTS’s music videos and music. Watching the fancam of “Blood, Sweat, and Tears,” I officially fell deep, but was still quite irregular as a fan. But one day, the guy I was dating suddenly texted me saying he needed a break then ghosted me. Out of spite, I didn’t contact him first and waited, and after a month, he contacted me to break up. I was dumbfounded and beat myself up about my relationship. I didn’t want to work or meet people; I just wanted to run away somewhere. But right at that time, BTS was performing at Wembly! I said, “Oh, what the heck!” and bought my plane tickets for Friday to Sunday for London. That’s how the Wembly concert became my first BTS concert.

—The partial letter from “Simba Noona” to RM

The ARMY explained how BTS’s concert and their ending speeches especially comforted her. Thanks to BTS, she was able to overcome her heartbreak and start connecting with people again. The letter then revealed that she has now found her special someone and is getting married soon!

RM’s reaction to the revelation of the ARMY’s upcoming wedding was adorable. He congratulated Simba Noona, and while trying to clap at the happy news, he nearly tumbled over his mic on the table.

But what followed next is the reason why other ARMYs are suddenly eager to get married. The BTS member said, “If you send me your account details, I’ll send you congratulatory money,” making the whole crowd break into loud exclamation.

Though RM made the commitment as a joke, ARMYs have no plans to let him slide. After the livestream ended, fans were ready to take the fast lane to the altar.

Now, this promise might be too good to be true, but RM did once reveal his gifting habits for weddings. Read more about it here!