Actor Park Sung Hoon’s Fans Makes “Brutal” Jokes After The New Cast List For “Squid Game” Season 2 Is Announced

His role in “The Glory” left a big impression.

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Squid Game made history as Netflix‘s most-watched series of all time. Recently, the cast members of the second season of Squid Game were announced.

Poster for “Squid Game” | Netflix

Netflix announced that the returning actors are Lee Jung Jae, Lee Byung Hyun, Wi Ha Joon, and Gong Yoo, and new actors joining season two are Kang Ha Neul, Park Sung Hoon, Yang Dong Geun, and Yim Si Hwan. Following criticism that the lineup lacked female actresses, it was announced that actress Park Gyu Young would join as the female lead in Squid Game season two.

One of the actors netizens are highly anticipating is Park Sung Hoon, who recently went into the spotlight for his villainous but sometimes likable character in Netflix’s K-Drama The Glory. He played the role of Jeon Jae Jun, one of the bullies who tortured the protagonist, Moon Dong Eun. Coming from a wealthy family, Jeon Jae Jun always got what he wanted, except for his high school sweetheart Park Yeon Jin, the leader of the bully group of friends.

Park Sung Hoon as Jeon Jae Jun | Netflix

A pivotal moment in The Glory was when Jeon Jae Jun realized he was the biological father of Park Yeon Jin’s daughter because she was color blind just like him. Throughout the show, he wore special contacts to help him see colors, and he often displayed his insecurity of his colorblindness.

| Netflix

When actor Park Sung Hoon announced on his Instagram that he would be joining the second season of Squid Game, his fans couldn’t help but make a The Glory reference.

Park Sung Hoon posted a snippet of Netflix’s cast announcement that shows him approaching and pressing a big green button. In Squid Game, pressing the green button meant one was willing to participate in the deadly game to win the grand prize.

| @boxabum/Instagram

The actor’s fans left comments of enthusiasm, filled with excitement that he will join the most popular Netflix show of all time. Among the praises, a joke referred to Park Sung Hoon’s former role, Jeon Jae Jun.


Based on scenes in The Glory where Jeon Jae Jun and his daughter cannot see red or green, it can be concluded that he is red/green color blind. According to Westchester Health, people with red/green color blindness see red, green, or colors with a mix of red or green as shades of yellow and blue. Therefore, because the button in the video was green, fans recalled Jeon Jae Jun’s colorblindness in a savage joke.

Other fans responded to this comment, laughing and calling it “brutal.”


There were Korean comments with the same joke as well.


Jae Jun, how did you see the button when it’s a complementary color?

— @1414oipi


Aside from the “brutal” joke against Park Sung Hoon’s The Glory character, people couldn’t help but express their congratulations and excitement about the actor joining the show.

  • “This is how Jae Jun is reincarnated; excited”
  • “My love, yes, I’m waiting for you 😍”
  • “Jae Jun?”

Park Sung Hoon did such a great job portraying his role in The Netflix that people still call him Jae Jun today; however, the actor once shared that it was difficult portraying Jae Jun because of all the cussing he had to do.

Netflix has yet to announce the release date for Squid Game season two.


Source: @boxabum/Instagram and Westchester Health

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