NMIXX’s Bae Cried During A Monthly Test As A Trainee—Here’s Why, According To Lily

They didn’t expect it 😥

In a past live broadcast, rookie group NMIXX talked all about JYP Entertainment‘s monthly test for trainees.

NMIXX | @NMIXX_official/Twitter

The highlight of the test was the freestyle dance that happened before wrapping up the event. The trainees would stand on the stage, waiting for their names to be randomly called out by the hosts. If a trainee was chosen, then they had no choice but to dance.

While on the topic of the freestyle dance, the members revealed that Bae once cried because of it.

NMIXX’s Bae | @nmixx_official/Instagram

Lily explained that it was all caused by an unexpected event happening—their names not being called by the MCs. Bae and she were planning on doing a joint performance, but all their planning went down the drain.

We were supposed to go as a unit, but something went wrong. Our names didn’t get called.

— Lily

NMIXX’s Lily | @nmixx_official/Instagram

Bae further explained that it hit harder because it was her first time attempting a freestyle dance. In her disappointment, she couldn’t hold back her tears even as she tried to reassure everyone around her that she was alright.

Lily had something to show at the end, but we couldn’t do it. It was my first time trying freestyle, but I didn’t get to do it, so I cried after it. I was like, ‘I’m okay.’

— Bae

According to Lily and leader Haewon, Bae even brought Annabelle—a doll from the popular horror film of the same name—with her because it was Halloween that day.

Annabelle | Warner Bros. Pictures

Reminiscent of a musical, Bae was planning on talking to the doll as she performed. She and Lily were supposed to hold hands at the end.

[I] dressed up as Annabelle with a doll. I was going to talk to the doll, and I was thinking of doing that. Like a musical. No matter what song I was going to get, I was planning on doing that. I was going to hold Lily’s hand at the end, but our names didn’t get called, so I cried.

— Bae

| @nmixx_official/Instagram

In English, Lily explained what Bae had been talking about.

Freestyle is this thing that we used to do when we were trainees. Basically, they would turn on a playlist full of songs, and the MC would randomly call our names, and we had to freestyle dance to them. And when we were trainees, it was something that was really nerve-racking but important to us.

Last time, Bae and I prepared to do it together, but the MCs didn’t call our names, so Bae was really sad. I was sad too. And yeah, it was really sad. We cried.

— Lily

Although it, unfortunately, didn’t go as planned, Bae can at least joke about the memory! Learn more about the NMIXX members in the article below.

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