Netizens Compare NMIXX’s Sullyoon With Vs. Without Double Eyelid Tape

Which look do you prefer?

Netizens are debating which look they prefer for NMIXX‘s Sullyoon.

NMIXX’s Sullyoon | Nightfalls

Comparing her visuals with and without double eyelid tape, her deep set eyelids with the eyelid tape give her doll-like appearance.

| Nightfalls

Her eyelids become significantly bigger and more even.

| Nightfalls
| Nightfalls

Without the eyelid tape, however, her natural charms are more prevalent.

| Dispatch
| Nightfalls

Her different eyelids are part of what makes her unique.

| Dazed

Whichever look you prefer, Sullyoon is gorgeous both with and without the accessory!

| JYP Entertainment
Source: Instiz


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