NMIXX Sullyoon’s New Baby Photos Prove She Was Born Gorgeous

Blessed with cute genes.

NMIXX‘s Sullyoon has been making waves as the visual of the new generation of girl groups. She has been stunning the crowd with her doe eyes and small face. With long limbs and a slim waist to boot, many call her the perfect idol visual.

| @nmixx_official/Instagram

Her looks are so perfect that many suspected if she had undergone cosmetic surgery. After all, she looks way too good to be true! But it looks like she’s just been blessed with good genes for rumors were put to rest once everyone saw her middle school photos.

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On March 17, 2022, Sullyoon treated fans to a set of her baby photos. These photos further proved that she was born beautiful. While most people grow into their features as they get older, Sullyoon already had defined features as a baby.

| @nmixx_official/Instagram

From the coveted double eyelids to a high nose bridge, Sullyoon’s features were already complete as an infant.

| @nmixx_official/Instagram

She sweetly cheered on her fans in the caption too.

Hello NSWERs!!! Sneakily leaving pics of Sullyoon’s total baby stage. Hwaiting for today too and I love you.

— Sullyoon

If only we were as blessed as Sullyoon in terms of visuals. She’s the full package too, with how well she sings and dances. Check out her fancam below to see for yourself.