NMIXX’s Sullyoon Gains Attention For Her Unreal Proportions At “ISAC”

A living doll!

NMIXX‘s Sullyoon has gone viral for her visuals ever since her debut. Her doll-like face and doe eyes fit Korean standards of beauty perfectly.


During 2022’s ISAC, Sullyoon hit a new peak. Sullyoon participated in the dance sports category. She had to don a flashy outfit and her makeup was also thicker than usual. With her features more defined, she gained attention for her unreal proportions.

| @sullyoonpics/Twitter

She looked stunning in the red dress and her hair tied back. It emphasized her tiny face and long limbs.

| @sullyoonpics/Twitter

Even when she changed into a simple t-shirt and sweatpants, her proportions still shone through. Her small face was the envy of many.

| @sullyoonpics/Twitter

She soon went viral for her visuals as the photos from ISAC spread on online communities.

Netizen reactions to Sullyoon. | theqoo
  • “How can a person’s eyes, nose and lips all fit into such a tiny face…”
  • “Insane.”
  • “Is she a doll…?”
  • “She looks just like a doll dancing LOL I’m not even pulling a line that she looks like a doll because she seriously just looks like one.”
  • “Isn’t she a mannequin? How unreal, amazing.
  • “Can a person be like that…?”

Although many international fans may not get the beauty standard of a small face, it simply means that your body proportions are great!

Source: theqoo