Dancer NOZE Shows Off Her Upgraded Beauty After Taking Off Her Braces

She looks gorgeous either way.

Dancer NOZE has always been gorgeous. In fact, she once went viral thanks to her beautiful looks, as well as her flawless dancing skills. Before appearing on Mnet’s dancing survival show, Street Woman Fighter, she got famous off a fancam of her dancing alongside EXO‘s Kai.

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On Street Woman Fighter, her popularity took off as she stunned the world with her cat-like looks. Back then, her slightly crooked front teeth were pointed out as part of her charm. It made her look like a cute bunny!

While they certainly didn’t detract from her looks, it seemed to bother her, for she soon got braces after the show took off.

She was spotted with braces on her teeth during Street Woman Fighter‘s nationwide live concert tour.

They made her look even more youthful!

Just six months later, she emerged on a variety show Anybody Can Dance sans braces. With her porcelain skin and half-tied up hair, she seemed to give off a more refined and softer image to match her new teeth.

NOZE’s upgraded beauty did not go unnoticed as eagle-eyed fans noted the ultra-short braces period.

With or without work done to her teeth, NOZE is living proof that someone can indeed be born as perfect and gorgeous as her!

Source: theqoo