Oh My Girl’s Hyojung Opens up About Her Rough Childhood of Working Multiple Part-Time Jobs

She even considered working as a ginseng digger.

In a recent interview with Star 1 magazine, Oh My Girl‘s Hyojung opened up about her rough childhood of having to work multiple part-time jobs.


Hyojung confessed that she worked many part-time jobs as a kid.

I worked at a pigs’ feet restaurant, as a babysitter, and I even handed out flyers for money.

– Hyojung

But she shared that such experiences are helpful to her as an idol in the entertainment industry.

My experience with part-time jobs is very helpful to me as I work in the entertainment industry.

– Hyojung


Back in 2016, Hyojung appeared on Happy Together 3 and explained why she worked so many part-time jobs.

My father passed away when I was young, so I started working to help my mom.

– Hyojung

She even confessed that she considered working as a ginseng digger to help her family get back on their feet.

I wanted to work as a ginseng digger. I wanted to work that job so that I could get my family back on their feet.

– Hyojung

The shocking revelation is making fans react with comments such as “She must’ve had such a hard time as a kid“, and “She’s such a good daughter“.

Here’s hoping Hyojung’s career continues to thrive because she certainly deserves it.

Source: Insight