OH MY GIRL’s Seunghee Is A Real Carat – She Proved Her Love For SEVENTEEN On A Show

She’s a true fan.

OH MY GIRL‘s Seunghee has proved herself yet again to be a real Carat! This time she shared how she got into SEVENTEEN as a fan.

On a recent guest appearance on Almighty Youngji, Seunghee shared that she absolutely loves SEVENTEEN songs.

She loves how energetic they are, and specifically named “CLAP” and “BOOMBOOM”. She shared that she likes listening to bright, bubbly music while showering and SEVENTEEN was the perfect choice.

When the host asked if they should watch a SEVENTEEN music video at that moment, Seunghee could not hide her fangirl feels!

She even claimed that she forgot that she was a girl group member in that moment! Way to be a true fan.

Hilariously, the show captioned the moment, “fangirling while earning money”.

Relatable! SEVENTEEN’s charms will pull you in without a doubt! Check out the hilarious moment below.


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