How One NCTzen Ended Up Nicknaming NCT’s Renjun A “Sexy Dimple Princess”

The nickname was totally unintentional, but it stuck!

NCT‘s Renjun has no shortage of nicknames — “Lucky Charm,” “Huang Baby,” “Shoulder Gangster” — but this one was completely unintentional!

Renjun from NCT DREAM. | @NCTsmtown_DREAM/Twitter

On an episode of The Golden Bell Challenge in May 2019, one of the high school contestants was a huge fan of Renjun. She even nicknamed herself “Renjun’s wife!

Host (left) and the fan (right).| KBS 

Host: It says “Renjun’s Wife” here… What does this mean?

Fan: Oh, yes. It says that because I’m going to marry Renjun who is the main vocalist and the purest soul in NCT DREAM which is the best Korean K-Pop group to lead the future!

Her whiteboard said “Renjun’s wife.” | KBS

The host asked her to send a message to her “husband,” and her reply was super direct and relatable!

Host: Okay, then why don’t we send your husband a video message?

Fan: Huang Renjun, I LOVE YOU TO DEATH!

| KBS 

The full text on top of her whiteboard said, “Sexy Dimple Princess Renjun’s Wife.” While she intended to write that she herself is the “Sexy Dimple Princess,” the way she wrote it makes it look like she’s calling Renjun that!

Her whiteboard says “Sexy Dimple Princess Renjun’s Wife.” | @000068_/Twitter

Renjun himself referenced her when NCT DREAM did their own version of Golden Bell in September 2019. He wrote down “Renjun’s wife” on his own whiteboard!

Renjun wrote down “Renjun’s wife.” | KBS 

And in October of 2019, Renjun and Haechan did a mention party on Twitter where they acknowledged the nickname again!

Renjun and Haechan. | NCT DREAM/YouTube 

They tweeted out and asked their fans what songs they wanted to see. One fan said “Drippin’,” and attached a picture from the Golden Bell episode. Though the video of the mention party didn’t show which member typed this reply, they joked about the nickname given to Renjun and confirmed it!

I don’t know about “Drippin’” but first things first. Renjun is definitely a sexy dimple princess. (For sure.)

— @NCTsmtown_DREAM

If there’s one thing NCTzens know about NCT, it’s that nicknames like these will never go away! Check out the iconic clip of Choi Soo Min below.

Source: Twitter