ONEUS Reveal The Most Important Advice They’ve Ever Received

It’s touching to hear how supportive their company is.

During their first US tour back in late 2019, ONEUS took some time out of their busy schedule to sit down with Tumblr for an exclusive interview (minus Seoho, who was unable to participate due to health concerns). They answered questions about their career but also self-care, hobbies and revealing TMIs! One of the questions they were asked was what they considered to be the best piece of advice they had ever received.

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The best advice Keonhee ever received was from the CEO of their company, RBW Entertainment!

Our CEO told us not to concentrate on the results of our music and to just enjoy the moment. Since this is our dream, the results will follow after.


Keonhee. | RBW Entertainment

It seems as though their CEO gives the best advice, because all of them brought up advice that he had given them.

Our CEO also told us that even more than making a perfect stage—of course, it is very important to make a perfect stage—even if there are small flaws, it’s more important that we enjoy the stage. I’ve been feeling that more throughout this comeback.


Hwanwoong. | RBW Entertainment

From what the members have revealed about their company’s CEO, he is incredibly supportive of the group and pushes them to be happy over feeling pressured to be the best.

Also from our CEO, to “create our music happily.” Thinking about it right now, that’s the most important thing for me.


Leedo. | RBW Entertainment

They are all clearly very thankful for his support!

We get nervous and practice a lot, but our CEO told us not to focus on that when we go on stage and to just enjoy that moment.


Xion. | RBW Entertainment

Ravn had a good way of summarizing what each member had said.

They all said what I was thinking! Of course, everything they said was correct but more importantly, just being happy and healthy throughout the whole process. Even if we show something that’s good, if we’re not healthy, it wouldn’t make up for it.


Ravn. | RBW Entertainment

We’re glad that ONEUS are surrounded and supported by such an encouraging environment!

Seoho. | RBW Entertainment

ONEUS recently had a comeback with the album BINARY CODE. You can watch the MV for the title track, “Black Mirror,” below!

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