Park Ji Yoon Collaborated With BTS’s RM On “Indigo” But She Once Chose Suga Over All Other Members

It all started eight years ago…

Park Ji Yoon recently collaborated with BTS leader RM on the track “No. 2” from his solo album Indigo. After the album’s release, he repeatedly emphasized how important it was for him to get Park on the track. Her unique vocal color was an unparalleled addition to the song. But also, the theme of the track, which heavily focuses on not looking back, was the most convincing coming from someone like Park, who has spent decades in the industry and has much more lived experience than him.

Park Jiyoon | Korea Joong Ang Daily

Park Ji Yoon was one of the biggest names in K-Pop before she decided to take a hiatus from the limelight and part ways with her then-label JYP Entertainment in 2003 after she felt her career trajectory to be inauthentic to herself. But her comeback only cemented her position as one of the most revered singers in the music industry. The fact that RM could actually collaborate with someone of her stature was unexpected to the artist himself. Even his co-member Suga was startled to hear that she was featured on Indigo during the first episode of his YouTube show Suchwita,

But her feature on “No. 2” is not the first time the legendary singer has interacted with BTS. Eight years ago, she sat face to face with rookie BTS, picking which member she would like to date out of the seven!

In 2014, the “Adult Ceremony” singer appeared in an episode of the Mnet variety show Beatles Code. The show’s format was that the hosts find strange parallels between the two guests. BTS guest-starred in the same episode as Park, where the artists got to know each other through fun anecdotes and games. At one point, Jungkook even tried to do a push-up with Park sitting on his back, only to end up becoming one with the ground.

While she was very warm and caring towards BTS, the seven members were star-struck by her presence. During one of the segments, the emcees asked Park that given she had no choice but to date a BTS member, who she would choose.

After giving it some thought, she picked Suga as her type. Since the hosts had previously revealed that he was a member of the student council back in school, Park said that she felt he was a dependable person and hence the choice.

Eight years down the line, she featured as an artist on a monumental album in a BTS member’s solo career and even shared her personal admiration for him. Now, if that isn’t a full-circle moment!

You can watch the full episode of Beatles Code here:


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