“Part Timer” at a Gas Station Randomly Meets EXO’s Suho in His Car

That was his first time running into a celebrity on the job.

During Jang Sung Kyu’s popular YouTube series, Workman, he coincidentally ran into EXO‘s Suho, making everyone jealous.

On the show, where Jang Sung Kyu works all types of part-time jobs, he decided to give the gas station a try, but he was in for a big surprise.

When one car came in to get some gas, the producer yelled, “It’s EXO!” and he was right.

Inside the car was Suho, and he happily greeted Jang Sung Kyu and told him all the EXO members enjoy watching his show.

As Jang Sung Kyu pumped his car, he admitted that he had never run into a celebrity while working part-time on the show and even took a commemorative photo with him.

When Jang Sung Kyu asked about SM Entertainment, Suho even asked him if he wanted to work part-time as his manager one day.

But in a chat that he later revealed, Jang Sung Kyu never got a response back from EXO’s team leader…

Check out the full encounter below:


Source: Dispatch


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