Past Interview of Taeyeon’s Father Resurfaces Online in Light of Devastating News

Taeyeon’s father proudly bragged about his daughter in an interview back in 2009.

In light of the devastating news that Taeyeon‘s father passed away on the same day as her birthday, a past interview of Taeyeon’s father resurfaced due to the love and trust he expressed for his daughter.

In an interview with Women Sense back in 2009, Taeyeon’s father introduced his daughter the way he knew her.

Taeyeon is the type to do everything well in a calm manner. She matured earlier than the other kids her age, and she was the type to quietly do her thing.

– Taeyeon’s Father

Furthermore, Taeyeon’s father proudly expressed the trust he had for his daughter and how he raised her.

I don’t want to stop her from doing anything she wants. Ever since Taeyeon was little, whenever she had the courage to do something, I praised and encouraged her. As a result, Taeyeon always did everything well.

– Taeyeon

Not only that, but Taeyeon’s father also worried about Taeyeon when she debuted in 2007 at 18 years old, and even worried about how hurt she would be once she retired from the entertainment industry.

It’s been said that Taeyeon’s father managed an optical in Taeyeon’s hometown of Jeonju.

But coincidentally on his daughter’s birthday, Taeyeon’s father passed away due to acute myocardial infarction.


SM Entertainment expressed their condolences to Taeyeon and her family and announced that although Taeyeon was preparing the release of her new song, “Happy”, the release of the track and music video will be postponed in light of the circumstances.

May Taeyeon’s father rest in peace.

Source: Dispatch

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