The Photo Stray Kids’ Felix Keeps In His Wallet Showcases His True Personality

“My wallet has a surprise.”

Stray KidsFelix recently released a new Sunshine Mini Vlog about his time in Japan.

Stray Kids’ Felix in Japan | @Stray_Kids/Twitter

Unlike his recent SKZ vlog with fellow member Lee Know, Felix’s vlog showed him venturing out by himself and enjoying his solo travels.

In the vlog, he heads to Ginza to window shop and eat famous Japanese dishes. As he makes his way from the subway station, he can’t help but notice how hot it is, joking that he’s had enough vitamin D for the day.

Before heading to Ginza, Felix remarked that it had been four years since he last rode the subway. As he stood in front of the subway line map and planned out his trip, he got out his wallet, revealing its wholesome content.

In Felix’s Louis Vuitton cloud-themed wallet, designed by Virgil Abloh, he had a picture of fellow Stray Kids member Hyunjin!

The photo was taken when Hyunjin’s hair was bright red, indicating it must have been a more recent gift from his fellow member as Hyunjin dyed his hair red earlier this year. Felix shared that Hyunjin told him to “use it whenever,” so Felix kept it close by carrying it in his wallet.

Fans loved the proof of their close friendship and shared various moments Stray Kids members proved their love for one another.

Felix is known for his kind and caring personality; his fellow members have even named him the sweetest member of the group.

Felix and Hyunjin are known to be close and often share heartwarming friendship moments together. Felix carrying the photo where he can see it daily shows his close friendship with Hyunjin and further proves his warm personality.

The two group members recently stunned fans with their handsome visuals during an appearance at a Yves Saint Laurent event in Paris.

Stray Kids’ Hyunjin (left) and Felix (right) | @hyunjinpost/Twitter

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