These Photos Of BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Have Koreans Comparing Her To 2NE1’s Sandara Park

Netizens are praising Jisoo’s visuals… and debating similarities between BLACKPINK and 2NE1.

Photos of BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo leaving for New York have led to Korean netizens comparing her to former 2NE1 member Sandara Park.

Photos show Jisoo looking tired but naturally pretty as she made her way through Incheon Airport.

Netizens commented that she has an “actress” vibe.

  • “She’s the prettiest in Blackpink. She has that actress vibe going on.”
  • “Even with her eyes closed she’s pretty.”
  • “So pretty, even as a fellow woman.”
  • “Probably the prettiest out of the girl groups these days.”
  • “She’s pretty with none of the shy, fakeness that comes from girls that pretty.”
  • “She may be tired now but she should enjoy it before YG stuffs them back into hiding… ㅠ”
  • “These days she’s the prettiest.”
  • “I like Jisoo because she’s pretty in an endearing way. You know how there are some girls who know they’re pretty and always act pretty and cute while being catty behind your back? Jisoo’s pretty but she’s really outgoing and 4-dimensional and with a ton of charm.”

Some are comparing Jisoo to former Sandara Park.

  • “BLACKPINK seems like the upgraded version of 2NE1 that covered all their flaws. Jisoo makes up for Sandara’s lack of talent and ‘boring’ personality while upgrading the beauty and 4-dimensional personality. Jennie has CL’s multi-entertainer skills while totally making up for CL’s one biggest flaw, which was her looks. Lisa is the globalized version of Minzy with upgraded visuals. Rosé is like Park Bom only without the cons of her age, character, and plastic surgery history while keeping her unique vocal style.”

Netizens compare the two often since they have similar positions within their girl groups as vocalists and visuals.

2NE1’s Dara
  • “People are always saying that Jisoo and Sandara Park are similar but they’re not at all. If you listen to Jisoo in ‘Ddu-du Ddu-du’, she’s able to control the power of her voice and her tonality is a lot better too. Sandara Park’s voice is kind of nasally so she’s hit with a lot of limitations whereas Jisoo’s voice is a bit lower which is needed in every group. More than anything, Jisoo can act. Her acting was great as a cameo in ‘Producer’ and in her music videos. She has a lot of potential and it’s unfair to limit her as the Sandara Park role of the group.”
  • “Why is Sandara Park being suddenly brought up? Dara and Jisoo are both beauties.”
  • “I’m a Blink but I don’t think they can match 2NE1. 2NE1 wasn’t the hit maker 2NE1 for nothing.”
  • “For me, 2NE1 is good at being 2NE1 and Blackpink is good at being Blackpink. Love them both tbh.”

Korean netizens often compare BLACKPINK to 2NE1, since they are from the same company, have the same number of members, and had the same producer, Teddy, so some of their songs are similar.

Teddy with 2NE1’s CL and Dara.

The comparison has sparked furious debate about whether the two groups are associated with each other and if BLACKPINK should be labelled the “upgraded 2NE1”.

  • “If Blackpink had a different style than 2NE1 and different number of members, no one would compare. But you can’t help but notice their similarities, even some of their songs were meant for 2NE1 before they disbanded. Blackpink is the new version of 2NE1, a more upgraded one, even YG said so himself.”
  • “Theres no proof that Teddy made songs for 2NE1 then gave them to Blackpink, a 2NE1 Bom account made that up on Twitter and it made it onto instagram and spread from there. YG has used so many artists to media play his groups, but it’s funny that you use his words but chose to ignore the words of CL and Jennie who have said that the groups have different colours.”

While others are ignoring the comparisons and just celebrating Jisoo’s beauty!

  • “Let’s ignore these 2NE1 comparison comments and appreciate the queen’s beauty.. even when half of her face is covered her beauty still shows wtf??”
  • “Just from her face, you can tell she’s from a top girl group.”
  • “I realized this in Blackpink House, Jisoo has probably one of the coolest personalities I’ve seen in a girl group member. Acting or as MC she always does great. She’s never over the top, yet is caring and funny, her MR removed are also amazing and look at her visuals. She’s really amazing.”
  • “She’s so pretty.”
  • “I really think she’s the prettiest out of all the girl groups.”
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