Popular Boy Group’s Shockingly Bad Luck Stuns Fans

They have never had it easy.

Debuting as a K-Pop idol takes an immense amount of hard work. But there is no denying that luck also plays a role to a certain extent.

While the definition of “luck” is subjective, in the context of K-Pop, idols who have successfully debuted, put out albums, garnered a sizeable fandom, and belong to a top agency like SM Entertainment would certainly be considered “lucky” enough by anyone. But for a popular boy group, things never fell into place that easily.

The group in question is WayV, the Chinese sub-unit of the K-Pop group NCT. The current lineup of the group includes XiaojunYangyang, Ten, Hendery, Winwin, and Kun.

WayV | @wayvofficial/Instagram

With members as talented as them, it was no surprise that WayV’s debut was a big success. However, their career trajectory has had to endure many unusual challenges.

Here are some of the events that have left fans stunned by WayV’s bad luck:

China’s K-Pop Ban

Image used for representational purpose | Koreaboo

Though WayV is a Chinese subunit, it is a part of NCT, a K-Pop group. When WayV debuted in 2019, China’s official ban on K-Pop had already been lifted. However, the “unofficial” ban still remains, making it difficult for Korean artists to perform in China. So, WayV inevitably suffered due to these restrictions, especially during their debut years.

However, despite such a big hurdle, the group’s first digital EP, The Vision, saw huge success globally. All three songs on the record placed within the top ten on the Billboard World Digital Songs chart. The group also debuted at number four on the Billboard Social 50 chart, marking the highest debut since XXXTentacion in 2018.

Former Member’s Controversy

In May 2021, Lucas, a former member of the group, found himself embroiled in multiple gaslighting and cheating accusations from fans who allegedly dated him. The issue caught wind quickly, turning public opinion against the idol. Amidst this situation, SM Entertainment halted the release of all content related to Lucas, including the much-anticipated single “Jalapeño” from the WayV subunit consisting of Lucas and Hendery.

Lucas | SM Entertainment

Lucas ended up departing from the group after this controversy, and the song is believed to have been shelved forever.

Though such a big controversy could be detrimental to the entire group’s career, WayV, once again faced the challenge and successfully continued as a six-member group, releasing new music and performing in sold-out venues.

Unprecedented Calamity On Concert Day

During the NCT NATION: To The World tour, all NCT members, including WayV, had to endure extreme weather conditions on the second day of their Osaka show. The heavy rain, accompanied by a severe thunderstorm, had fans concerned. Even the venue was flooded.

Despite such extreme weather conditions, the group came out and gave their best, even risking injuries. At the end of the concert, fans were left amazed by all of the performers’ dedication to the stage.

Continued delay in comeback activities

The last and the latest instance that has left fans in awe regarding WayV’s misfortune is the constant yet inevitable delay in their comebacks.

In December 2022, WayV was scheduled to make a comeback with their fourth mini-album, Phantom. However, the release of all the content related to the album had to be postponed after Jiang Zemin, a former Chinese president, passed away. It is customary in China to observe a mourning period after the demise of important political figures like Zemin.

This delay in the album’s release derailed a lot of comeback plans for the group. So, when they announced their first and only comeback of 2023 to be slated in November, fans were looking forward to it even more.

However, it looks like this time, too, their plans are going to be disrupted due to the death of another key political figure in China. Li Keqiang, China’s former premier, passed away on October 27, and the country is currently mourning his loss. Given the circumstances, fans are afraid that the group will face difficulties in continuing with their promotional activities, which could affect their future schedules.

But on the brighter side, unlike last time, WayV’s new release didn’t have to be delayed this year. Their second studio album, On My Youth, was released on November 1 and has received a lot of love from fans worldwide.

Within just four years of their debut, and despite so many obstacles in the way, WayV has still managed to create a loyal fandom, collaborated with multiple luxury brands, headlined many concerts, and inspired people with their philanthropy. While the topic of whether the group really suffers from bad luck is debatable, there is no doubt that they have shown extraordinary perseverance against all odds.