Rain’s Former Manager Exposes The “OG” K-Pop Star’s True Character In Recent Social Media Post

The former manager shared what Rain once said to him when they worked together.

In light of the manager mistreatment controversies surrounding actors such as Lee Soon Jae and Shin Hyun Joon, Rain‘s former manager shared a post that exposed his true character.

In one online community, the former manager of Rain took to a social media platform to share a story about what Rain told him while he worked as his manager.


The post reads as follows:

When I used to work with ‘Hyungnim’, he told me this.

‘Your role isn’t to stop the fans from coming toward me.’

‘Your role is to make sure that me and my fans can talk to each other in a safe and smooth manner.’

He not only has the face, height, physique, singing ability, and dancing ability, but he’s also diligent with the most perfect character and personality.

Those who watched him on ‘Hangout With Yoo’, do you finally understand why he’s my role model?

– Former Manager

Fans who read the post responded with comments such as “I can seriously feel what a good person Rain is”, “I love him these days“, “That’s probably why Kim Tae Hee married Rain“, and “Duh“.

The OG K-Pop star recently became one of the hottest celebrities in Korea because of an old song of his, “GANG” that went viral 2 years after its release.

Although the song originally went viral due to parodies making jokes out of his “corny” and “outdated” style, when he made an appearance on Hangout With Yoo earlier this year, he gained overwhelming love from fans and viewers for his easygoing and humble personality.

He is now an active member of the mixed-gender group formed on the same variety show called SSAK3 with Yoo Jae Suk and Lee Hyori.


Source: Dispatch

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