Ravi Publicly Denounces The Artists Who Plagiarized VIXX This Year

VIXX‘s Ravi has finally spoken up about the multiple times they were plagiarized by different artists from around the world.

Over the course of just a few months, VIXX has suffered from a rash of plagiarism of several of their songs. Turkish rapper Kursun and Egyptian singer Reda Mandor plagiarized VIXX’s “Dynamite”, Chinese group TVBOYS plagiarized VIXX’s entire performance of “Heroes of the Remix”, and Produce 101 contestant Jung Wonchul plagiarized N’s solo performance from their concert.

Fans have, understandably, been outraged by these incidents but, until now, VIXX had remained relatively silent on the issue.

Ravi finally decided to speak up about the multiple times they were plagiarized and turned to Twitter to voice his opinion.

“The phrase ‘I want to become a trend’ doesn’t mean you should ignore our fans and hurt them by taking my music and using it as your own. In creating anything, there is a distinct difference between being influenced by references and copying and pasting, just as there is a difference between being dignified and being shameless.”

“There are times where we creators will face trial an error, and we can be proud of our creations, but I believe there’s a big difference in how we say it. It’s really unpleasant to see people ignoring and hurting me and the fans who love and support my music.”

“Instead of arguing whether it’s plagiarism or not, we tried to think of it as ‘We’ve influenced someone in this way’ because we also get inspiration from others. I hope everyone who creates content after being inspired by our content thinks about it thoroughly so that they don’t do anything that hurts us and our fans.”

— VIXX’s Ravi